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This is a todo list for this question.

Done[edit | edit source]

start todo list for slow people project -Mjkurrels, 2021/3/5

organize the page a bit better (but will keep adjusting as we move on)-Ania, 2021/3/6

edit wiki/add sources to statements--Ania 2021/3/7

add a summary of the fast/slow life history work and how it may be relevant--Ania 2021/3/9

look into 'mental clocks' theory, add sources and summaries of key-points--Ania 2021/3/12

sort through the "possibly relevant sources" section. Summarize the relevant stuff, and remove the sources that don't fit.-Ania, 2021/3/6

Read and summarize articles on life-cycle--Ania 2021/3/7

Look at citation managers, pros and cons--Ania 2021/3/18

Add sources to Mendeley--Ania 2021/3/18

distinguish between Life History Strategy, Pace of life, and pace of life syndrome--Ania, 2021/4/4

go through the other pages on the site (besides the slow person question) and make sure that the purpose of the site is clear and fix any obvious mistakes/omissions.--Ania

Review[edit | edit source]

[place items here if you'd like to have someone review your work before moving it to done]

In Progress[edit | edit source]

[move tasks from the ready section to here when you're working on them so that people people don't work on the same task as you. also can add your username and date to the task]

Ready For Work[edit | edit source]

  • remove default logo that shows when using the "old" vector setting (to be done by Mjkurrels)
  • add the section on breadth vs depth. (see hacker news comment,and research on fast/slow life histories)
  • do a bit more to explain why Galenson's conceptualist vs experimentalist stuff may be relevant to this topic. So far it just looks like it's included because experimentalists come to their best work later in life. There's a bit more to it, and it hooks in to some of the other related material.
  • review interviews with fast/slow people, and add the relevant bits to the page (to be done by Mjkurrels as he has some recorded interviews that he doesn't have permission to share)
  • flesh out possible studies section a bit more

Backlog[edit | edit source]

[for tasks that aren't ready to be worked on as they have dependancies that aren't met]

  • write essay summarizing the topic that can be shared in places that may be interested [waiting on the wiki page to be improved somewhat, we'll have to figure out when it's appropriate to start writing this]
    • maybe one longer essay and one condensed version?
  • show the wiki page and/or essay to possibly interested parties and update wiki/essay with feedback in those discussions. Maybe only post to one or 2 places at a time. [note, the order here matters. we should try to share the project with parties that might provide the most valuable feedback later in the process. Hopefully the thing improves each time we share it and incorporate feedback. And the better the wiki page and essay are, hopefully the quality of the feedback will be better (as they have more to respond to).]
    2. reddit
    3. post the question to researchgate's question section:
    4. hacker news
    6. show the wiki page to people mentioned in the wiki page