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What is this wiki for?[edit | edit source]

Let's ask and answer questions together.

Each page of this wiki will be centered on one question (with possible subquestions). It's not clear yet what questions should be allowed. But at least some of these questions will be open questions. That is, they won't have any known answers yet. For these open question pages we'll track relevant sources, related questions, possible/proposed answers, possible experiments to decide between the answers etc. Basically the page would distill where the frontier of knowledge is on that question, and possible ways to push that frontier forward.

See here and here for some of the motivations for this project and possible alternative platforms for answering open questions.

How do we add a question page?[edit | edit source]

First search for the question in the search bar. If it doesn't look like the question has been asked, you'll be able to add the question page in the search results page.

Open questions[edit | edit source]

About this wiki[edit | edit source]

Not related to this wiki[edit | edit source]

[Discussion of this section]

  • How can we be better stewards of the information ecosystem?
  • Why is homelessness getting worse in certain states and not others?
  • What’s the best open research platform?
  • What are the biggest problems facing humanity?
  • Why is political polarization (at least in USA) increasing?
  • Why is there so much (and rising) homelessness in California?
  • How do we know which media to trust?
  • Why is yawning contagious?
  • Are biopolitics (the government's control and monitoring of our bodies) a necessary evil of democracy and living in communities, or not? E.g. abortions, obligatory vaccinations, biodata.
  • Is wealth inequality bad?
    • Assuming all-else is equal? Or considering the overall impacts of policies that lead to reduced inequality?