What is left to be done on this wiki?

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These are the tasks that can be worked on for this wiki. Right now Mjkurrels is the only one building this project. If anyone besides him wants to pitch in on any of these tasks, please coordinate with him so you don't both work on the same task and he can give you whatever information you need.

Feel free to add tasks to the list if you like, or write a comment on the discussion page.

Tasks:[edit | edit source]

Ready For Work[edit | edit source]

  • add staging wiki
  • make sure database is being backed up
  • remove spam accounts
  • add some spam protections
  • maybe implement this? https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:MediaWikiChat
  • add better citation pluging (like the one used on wikipedia)
  • figure out how to directly message another user
  • figure out how to add signatures to non-talk pages
  • add a "todo" tab to each page
  • figure out if this project should be merged with Wikiversity's research section (see here)
  • make the project open source (gotta take out the passwords and stuff from the code before doing that)
  • add page view analytics (ideally with a product that doesn't make users the product like goatcounter)
  • figure out what task management system to use, for the wiki as whole and for individual questions
  • maybe use a different domain as this may not just be for open questions?

Backlog[edit | edit source]

  • add the donation plugin to cover costs (currently at about 17 dollars per month).
  • get a logo
  • try to convince the wikiask guy to make some changes to his proposal in alignment with this project or to join here?
  • figure out our legal shit
  • Maybe we'll have to set up a non-profit or something?
    • A regular LLC avoids lots of legal and administrative headaches, but might discourage donations
  • use semantic wiki plugin

Done[edit | edit source]